Revolutionary payment

It is a new form of payment between companies that is safe, fast and cheap. Without the intermediation of the big credit corporations, insurances or lawyers. With direct contact between the buyer and the seller.


An intelligent sales contract is generated with BLOCKCHAIN technology and is encrypted in the ETHEREUM network, making it immutable and highly secure.


It is a digital and instantaneous letter of credit but 600% cheaper than the traditional ones.

Thanks to B2B Pay the fears of the buyer and the seller disappear

Enter and try the new form of Intelligent Payment between Companies. B2B Pay


Formalisation of the contract

One of the two companies registers on the platform, fills in the conditions of the sales contract in minutes, and invites the other company to register. The latter modifies and/or approves the contract, which remains encrypted and unchanged in the ETHEREUM system.

Payment mediation

The buyer deposits the amount of the goods in a B2BPAY bank account who guarantees the buyer that he will only pay the seller if he receives the agreed goods. He also guarantees the seller that he will be paid as long as he delivers the agreed goods.


Armoured contract

An intelligent contract is generated with Blockchain technology which is encrypted in the Ethereum network. This contract never disappears and cannot be modified, giving maximum security to the process of buying and selling.


This system generates great economic cost savings as no bank intervention is required to make the process safe. As there is no need for so much bureaucratic paperwork, a lot of administrative and management time is saved.

No limits

Monetary transactions can be carried out without limit of amount. The platform acts as a purse for the purchase and sale. The buyer deposits the money from the transaction on the platform until the goods are verified and the seller is paid.

No insurance

As the platform acts as a financial wallet, the risk of non-payment for the seller is eliminated, making it unnecessary to take out credit insurance.


In the event of a commercial dispute between the parties, the platform mediates in the conflict, providing technicians specialised in foreign trade with many years of experience to give their opinion and resolve the conflict.

No waiting

The intelligent contract is made automatically and instantly with the acceptance of each of the parties. The sender will create a contract that will have to be validated and accepted by the receiver until it is approved by both parties.